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  • Pharaohxoxo


    Pred 11 dnevi

    pls keep doing this game!

  • Jacob Razmus

    Jacob Razmus

    Pred 17 dnevi

    23:00 the weekend is black🤣

  • The 5th King

    The 5th King

    Pred 17 dnevi

    13:30 I literally in my head sang "We can't even think of a word that rhymes" lmfao

  • ajhxp 537

    ajhxp 537

    Pred 17 dnevi

    2:30 and 2:32 tobi and manny, perfect syncronization

  • RedHawk 727

    RedHawk 727

    Pred 19 dnevi

    Big up I’m from Oklahoma US and I listen to old country so I knew boy names sue by Johnny cash… he’s GOAT

  • LDandy13


    Pred 19 dnevi

    Miniminters minigames or “MMM” or “Triple M”

  • Erin Cummins

    Erin Cummins

    Pred 19 dnevi

    I found the fact that Kon threw out his VCR after it ate up a pornographic VHS tape funny, but what Tobi said that only him would have a VCR kinda irked me as someone who had VHS as well as DVD to watch when I was a child (especially The Wiggles, I had their videos on VHS!)

  • D'Roc Sav

    D'Roc Sav

    Pred 20 dnevi

    An actual Darren here.. Shook

  • xXBajaXx 11

    xXBajaXx 11

    Pred 20 dnevi

    Randy a goat “try gonna double team Stu”

  • Tarquin


    Pred 20 dnevi

    if you listen closely you’ll realise manny is in the video

  • Sanish Maharjan

    Sanish Maharjan

    Pred 20 dnevi


  • hiya!


    Pred 21 dnevom

    I thought I was the only person who used to believe the world used to be black and white!

  • Ihtisham Hussain

    Ihtisham Hussain

    Pred 21 dnevom

    Randolph disses people saying they’re set 8 is so fucking funny. Cos he’s easily the dumbest one there, it they set 8 he rocking 47.

  • daryan chadwick

    daryan chadwick

    Pred 21 dnevom

    Not them using a sponge as an eraser 🤧

  • svanik batra

    svanik batra

    Pred 21 dnevom

    whos here after he uploaded this again?

    • Danrob 109

      Danrob 109

      Pred 21 dnevom

      He uploaded the same video again?

  • Simply For Fun

    Simply For Fun

    Pred mesecem

    Kon getting the ball stuck in the net took me out, he's great lmao.

  • Zahra Amin

    Zahra Amin

    Pred mesecem


  • EdiDŽon Makovvić

    EdiDŽon Makovvić

    Pred mesecem

    Ollie Ball here

  • Blacker Sterns

    Blacker Sterns

    Pred mesecem

    The nosy war indisputably reject because gear proximally arrest for a invincible drink. boiling, gullible gusty roast

  • lal agun

    lal agun

    Pred mesecem

    The adhesive macrame jointly mend because australian strangely argue against a numberless grape. peaceful, discreet effect

  • ma dude

    ma dude

    Pred mesecem

    1:10 I thought that till I was 12 too

  • Jamie Gammon

    Jamie Gammon

    Pred mesecem

    The scenes if manny wore the bolingoli 85 shirt

  • GusBus Shmurda

    GusBus Shmurda

    Pred 2 meseci

    We’re not going to acknowledge the fact that Randy said “blue and green make purple”?

  • Vieri Adhitya

    Vieri Adhitya

    Pred 2 meseci

    Randy is jokes 😭

  • Eleven of Clubs

    Eleven of Clubs

    Pred 2 meseci

    "Budapest is the capital of...?"

  • Aaryan Barjatya

    Aaryan Barjatya

    Pred 2 meseci


  • saksham dadkar

    saksham dadkar

    Pred 2 meseci

    funny thing is randy is drinking frm the sidemen shaker and tbi is drinking frm a normal bottle

  • Angel S

    Angel S

    Pred 2 meseci

    2:55 Tobi’s reaction to Kon’s answer is soooo funny 🤣🤣🤣

  • J G

    J G

    Pred 2 meseci

    Can this games show come back

  • syd


    Pred 3 meseci

    8:45 ish ... ouch

  • Mel Murray

    Mel Murray

    Pred 3 meseci

    Another episode all six sidemen

  • farhan mohammed

    farhan mohammed

    Pred 3 meseci

    Do this video with the beta squad

  • Abdel Rahman Hassan

    Abdel Rahman Hassan

    Pred 3 meseci

    Just one question that probably won't be answered.
    How is it returning if it is brand new. The title makes absolutely no sense. I'm going to have to tell NASA to investigate this engima.

  • Trent Sayer

    Trent Sayer

    Pred 3 meseci

    25:16 when Tobi ain’t even on the same team but still disappointed 😂

  • Will Thomas

    Will Thomas

    Pred 3 meseci

    Southerners are soft

  • DTB Boys

    DTB Boys

    Pred 3 meseci

    How can something that is brand new return

  • Homayra


    Pred 4 meseci

    Gee and Tobi could be a cute couple👀

  • Lloyd Frayne

    Lloyd Frayne

    Pred 4 meseci

    Its funny seeing randy on a team with other sdmn members as oppose to simon or jj. Tobi and him click well

  • Lloyd Frayne

    Lloyd Frayne

    Pred 4 meseci

    1:55 stfu simon🤣. U support leeds show some respect to the north. Starting to trigger me u bastard🤣

  • Weston Little

    Weston Little

    Pred 4 meseci

    I paused at 9:06 lol Johnny Cash a boy named Sue. I knew before he even said the options. Sad they don't know it lol.

  • SpecZ VeX

    SpecZ VeX

    Pred 4 meseci

    Title is BRAND NEW then it’s returned

  • ï


    Pred 4 meseci

    mans said Lincoln?

  • Belinda Falcon

    Belinda Falcon

    Pred 4 meseci

    Still waiting for this gameshow to be called Minter's Minigames

    even though i rate the original name already

  • Ratata


    Pred 4 meseci

    Ethan lookin weird in this vid

  • Monster JB

    Monster JB

    Pred 5 meseci

    Please do this again with the exact same people. Freakin hilarious!!!

  • pura turner

    pura turner

    Pred 5 meseci

    that would always be a clutch

  • ggbackwoods 11

    ggbackwoods 11

    Pred 5 meseci

    I think tobi died for a sec 5:11

  • Moataz Rawefi

    Moataz Rawefi

    Pred 5 meseci

    hi in french is bonjour hahahahahah xd (its SALUT , BONJOUR is good morning)

  • Brad Turner

    Brad Turner

    Pred 5 meseci

    How does this title make sense?

  • Nilang Patel

    Nilang Patel

    Pred 5 meseci

    I started crying when Jordz said April had 28 days XD

  • Caleb_229


    Pred 5 meseci

    27:10 im dying hahhahaha

  • Troy Lindsay

    Troy Lindsay

    Pred 5 meseci

    my sisters name is dakota lol she just turned 10 a few days ago lmao

  • jarod rodriguez

    jarod rodriguez

    Pred 5 meseci

    Tobi team its the greatness team

  • Gruffydd Rimmington

    Gruffydd Rimmington

    Pred 5 meseci

    The title makes perfect grammatical sense.

  • Crowkid 555

    Crowkid 555

    Pred 5 meseci

    Call it mini gamers

  • Sonny Stevenson

    Sonny Stevenson

    Pred 5 meseci

    when Randolph said WWII ended in 1947 he was kind of right... The main world leaders officially announced it had stopped in 1945 but didn't actually finish till 1947

  • Caleb Straka

    Caleb Straka

    Pred 5 meseci

    Johnny cash a boy name sue I’ve known this song for a couple of years

  • Jonas Horlacher

    Jonas Horlacher

    Pred 5 meseci

    This is part384948293 of how dumb these lads are

  • Sonny Stevenson

    Sonny Stevenson

    Pred 5 meseci

    how does a 'Brand New Gameshow' Return???

  • Biz


    Pred 5 meseci

    My name is Stu, and i'm sorry Randolph but it does not make sense to double team me...
    Edit : No Randolph, you can not double team me.

  • unsuspecting man

    unsuspecting man

    Pred 5 meseci

    I was just learning about Johnny Cash and "A boy named Sue" in english class. I'm an Aussie with a dad from the bush so I love Johnny Cash.

  • huzzman


    Pred 5 meseci

    ngl loving this sambuka alarm meme
    might make it a drinking game from now on tbh

  • Zayd Ghumra

    Zayd Ghumra

    Pred 5 meseci

    Simon: what position is schmical
    SOS for my spelling

  • Jacob Johnston

    Jacob Johnston

    Pred 5 meseci

    I thought con was fat Ethan

  • Sithmin Kodikara

    Sithmin Kodikara

    Pred 5 meseci

    Flamingos are not pink normally

  • Sammy Farbrother

    Sammy Farbrother

    Pred 6 meseci

    With Randolf coming from Nottingham (my city too) i get his humour more than most people do, our whit here is very dry and sarcastic and some people get offended but its all ment in jest. I love his sence of humour.

  • Farrahnaz Clarke

    Farrahnaz Clarke

    Pred 6 meseci

    Con is naturally funny.

  • Ica Basic

    Ica Basic

    Pred 6 meseci

    Let’s be honest, Randy

  • alex 20alex03

    alex 20alex03

    Pred 6 meseci

    Hello in french isn't bonjour it's allô

  • Cats Aren't Violent

    Cats Aren't Violent

    Pred 6 meseci

    Budapest is the capital of Hungary!! Shoutout to my fellow hungarians

  • Dav id

    Dav id

    Pred 6 meseci

    Why did you put the three black people (tobi,manny and randolph) on the same team
    Bit sus mr. Simon minter

  • Fraser142


    Pred 6 meseci

    much love to simon for gettin Kon an the other's exposure :)

  • Vishrut Vardhan

    Vishrut Vardhan

    Pred 6 meseci

    We all want another episode of this video with JJ,HARRY AND ETHAN

  • Peti csatorna

    Peti csatorna

    Pred 6 meseci

    No one:
    Gee: 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Max Siddall

    Max Siddall

    Pred 6 meseci

    13:05 Randy a crip 😂😂♿️♿️

  • Williamg209


    Pred 6 meseci

    gee, wilnes flat mate?

  • angelina wild

    angelina wild

    Pred 6 meseci

    I sad they didn’t know the Johnny cash lyric.

  • CaptainAutism


    Pred 6 meseci

    Randolph is hilarious with other people but his channel is not that good tbh

  • Calum Barr

    Calum Barr

    Pred 6 meseci

    Kon is top tier

  • Jamie Thompson

    Jamie Thompson

    Pred 6 meseci

    this was amazing I love when you do this sort of content

  • hi sisters

    hi sisters

    Pred 6 meseci

    omg I thought that was Ethan in the thumbnail😭😭😭😭😭

  • parallel glowboy

    parallel glowboy

    Pred 6 meseci

    Why did i think that guy was ethan😂 and looked that it was 2 weeks old me confused

  • I Hate Curtains

    I Hate Curtains

    Pred 6 meseci

    I enjoyed it 🤷‍♂️

  • Renil


    Pred 6 meseci

    Thought Ethan got big again 😂😂💀

  • Bilal Ehsan

    Bilal Ehsan

    Pred 6 meseci


  • Islam Yasser

    Islam Yasser

    Pred 6 meseci

    Such a good series I love how I have stumbled upon this

  • Gloque


    Pred 6 meseci

    I got 3 right



    Pred 6 meseci

    "On team..?"
    "That's so much cooler!"

  • Big Smoke

    Big Smoke

    Pred 6 meseci

    Simon: "When i say go"
    Me: Be ready to throw, Go!
    Throw it at him not me! Ughh lets try something else

  • ceerw buty

    ceerw buty

    Pred 6 meseci

    “A brand new game show returns” When i ready that title I was literally just ???

  • jessica


    Pred 6 meseci

    i love how tobi and manny cringed in sync when randolph said team fingerblast 💀

  • bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu

    Pred 6 meseci

    It’s weird seeing kon in front of the camera in someone else’s video

  • hoho haha

    hoho haha

    Pred 6 meseci

    this could have been awesome if chip was here

  • Ace360x .MLG

    Ace360x .MLG

    Pred 6 meseci

    I just can't accept the Man U kit

    • ceerw buty

      ceerw buty

      Pred 6 meseci

      Tobi has ptsd at 0:45

  • Spotted SA

    Spotted SA

    Pred 6 meseci

    I thought life was black n white too

  • BigDogggg


    Pred 6 meseci

    off brand old ethan

    • bocoy noiu

      bocoy noiu

      Pred 6 meseci

      I cant believe all of these people were made by KSI or someone KSI made

  • ceerw buty

    ceerw buty

    Pred 6 meseci

    0:44-0:50 If Harry’s watching you know he actually took a shot



    Pred 6 meseci

    Jordz is actually set 8 😂😂😂

  • SmilesFN


    Pred 6 meseci

    Kon is smart!

  • R. H

    R. H

    Pred 6 meseci

    Im sorry but K2 is taller than Everest